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Convert 1:4,500 to a percentage strength.

What is the w/w% of a solution in which 2.5 grams of drug X has been dissolved in 80mL of water?

What volume of diluent is needed such that, when added to 80mg of drug X, it produces a concentration of 4mg/mL. The displacement volume of drug X is 0.5mL/40mg.

How many tablets of drug X are needed (50mg tablets) to complete the following prescription: • Drug x – 25mg/5mL • 2-week supply to be dispensed • Sig: i tsp po bid

Drug X has a displacement volume of 0.07mL/5mg. Calculate the volume of WFI needed to produce 1mL of injection containing 5mg of drug X.

Convert 60 mEq/5mL sodium chloride to mg/L.

What is the body surface area of a patient who is 74 inches tall and who weighs 180lbs?

A pharmacist is presented with a stock drug solution that contains 10% active drug. What volume of this stock solution is used to prepare 160 ml of a 1:1000 solution?

Ms. Routledge is taking a drug which is 100% eliminated via the renal route. The patient is found to have normal renal function. Based on the following pharmacokinetic data, what is the volume of distribution of the patient’s drug? • IV bolus dose: 0.48 gram • Peak level: 14 mcg/mL • Trough level at 12 hrs: 0.72 mcg/ml • Therapeutic MIC level: 4 mcg/ml

Calcium chloride dihydrate injection is supplied as a 10% solution in water. Calculate how many milliosmoles are present in a single 10 ml vial? (Ca = 40, Cl = 35.5, H = 1, O = 16)

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