NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 3

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10 questions!

NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 3

Welcome to your NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 3

1. Which of these medicines is well-known to cause a positive direct Coombs test?
2. A 49 year old's blood test results have come back from the lab. Their chloride level currently measures 99 mEq/L. How should you interpret this result?
3. What is the active ingredient of the medicine Lyrica?
4. Which H2-receptor blocker may cause gynecomastia in men due to its antiandrogenic effects?
5. How many millimoles of sodium are in 0.9% sodium chloride?
6. Before use, which of the following products should be used to clean surfaces of a laminar flow hood?
7. Which of these is an example of postrenal acute kidney injury (AKI)?
8. The administration of dapsone gel for the topical treatment of acne vulgaris in patients with G6PD deficiency may produce which of these?
9. A 51-year old patient, who takes a calcium channel blocker (CCB), reports that he is experiencing constipation. Which CCB is the patient most likely to be taking?
10. A patient presents in the pharmacy in a delirious state with pinpoint pupils. Which of the following toxicity states does the patient most likely have?

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