NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 2

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10 questions covering a wide and diverse range of medicine facts covering drug classes, indications, side effects, mechanisms, drug interactions, and clinical pharmacy!

10 questions!

NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 2

Welcome to your NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 2

1. What is the amount of potassium permanganate in 300mL of a 1 in 25 solution?
2. How many kcal per gram does IV dextrose provide?
3. Which of these substances is not used as a compounding preservative?
4. What is the mechanism of action of the active ingredient found in Zyflo?
5. What is the active ingredient found in the medicine Adalat?
6. What is the standard oral weekly dose of alendronate given to treat osteoporosis?
7. Mesna is typically administered alongside which of these chemotherapeutic agents?
8. A patient with acute pharyngitis caused by group A Streptococcus (strep throat) is allergic to penicillins (non-immediate type), which of the following is NOT recommended as treatment?
9. A CD4 count of 180 cells per cubic meter may be evaluated as which of these?
10. In the management of acute ischemic stroke, within how many minutes from symptom onset should alteplase be administered?

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