NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 1

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10 questions!

NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 1

Welcome to your NAPLEX Pharmacology Quiz 1

1. A fasting blood glucose level greater than what value is an indicator of type 2 diabetes?
2. Aluminum levels may rise to toxic levels in patients with renal failure if administered with which of these medicines?
3. Which of these drugs is used to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy?
4. What is the standard loading dose for clopidogrel in the treatment of ACS?
5. Which of these cardiovascular drug classes is most associated with tachyphylaxis?
6. How does pregabalin work in the treatment of seizures?
7. Which of these ranges reflects normal serum creatinine levels?
8. Which of these drugs is used to promote fetal lung maturation?
9. Pyridoxine is often used in pregnancy to manage which of the following conditions?
10. Diabetic ketoacidosis, a potential complication of type 2 diabetes, is most associated which of the following antidiabetic drug classes?

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