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You’ve passed your pharmacy degree. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to take on that final hurdle - the NAPLEX exam! Candidates who pass the NAPLEX exam are eligible to become licensed, professional pharmacists in the United States. That’s why it’s so important to prepare for the exam in advance.

That’s where we, at NAPLEX Study Guide, come in.

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NAPLEX Study Guide has helped tens of thousands of students pass their pharmacy exam. Our resources are tailored to 2019 exam requirements and serve to inform your judgement not only for the exam but also for your professional career, too. Learn more

1000s of NAPLEX Exam Questions

Exam-like questions tailored to the specific needs of the 2019 test.

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Over 94% of candidates who enrol in our course pass the NAPLEX exam.

Relevant Exam Questions

Our questions reflect the type, standard and style of the questions you can expect.

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Questions come with explained answers that enhance exam performance.

Become a Professional Pharmacist

Our expert team build the knowledge-base you need to become a true professional.

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What’s Included?

Our NAPLEXQuestion Bank

The NAPLEX exam is all about
practice - and lots of it!

That’s why we’ve put together the most comprehensive question banks that test your knowledge of drugs and medicines. Our multiple-choice questions reflect the style and substance of the questions you can expect to face on exam day.

Facts about Our Online Course

  • Prepared you for the needs and standards expected for the 2019 NAPLEX test.
  • Tests your knowledge of the clinical facts behind drugs and medicines
  • Teaches you about how to answer pharmacy calculations
  • Provides sample tests that replicate NAPLEX test conditions
  • Enhances your understanding of professional clinical practice
  • Informs your judgement as a clinical professional.
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